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Moore County District II Commissioner visits Kiwanis - 02/20/2018
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Louis Gregory, was elected to the Moore County District II (McLendon Hills to Pinehurst) County Commissioner position in 2016.  During his 43 year professional career he served mostly in police command positions as Superintendent of the CSX Police Department, Joint Command Staff of the FBI Ant-Terrorism Task Force, and Police Chief of the Whispering Pines Police Department.  In 2009, he retired but remained active as an ethics instructor to prospective law enforcement officers at Sandhills Community College.  He was quick to say that the school board makes the decision on required expenditures, and the County Commissioners have to find the money to pay for the expenditures. ...

Dr. Harrison Mabry is guest speaker - 02/06/2018
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Dr. Harrison Mabry, practicing Pediatrician with the Sandhills Pediatric Seven Lakes location, was the speaker.  Dr. Mabry shared many interesting facts about the practice and his experiences in the practice.  Sandhills Pediatrics will not accept children who are not vaccinated and refuse to have vaccinations because of potential disease exposure to other children.   The practice has a child mental health service staffed by a Psychiatrist, Psychologist and a PA specialized in psychology.  Their patients come from multiple counties.  As physicians, they see many cases of opioid addiction passed to the child by the parent.  Dr. Mabry, as well as the other practice...

Marilyn Landers wins $500 Bingo Jackpot - 02/06/2018
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Bingo Co-Chairperson, Bill Pratt, presents Marilyn a $500 check for winning the Jackpot.  Want to try your hand at winning?  Come join us every 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month, September - June at the Chapel in the Pines, Seven Lakes.  More information can be found on our Bingo Link, left side of this News Article, under "Kiwanis Bingo" tab. 

Moore County Salvation Army Update - 01/30/2018
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Dana Ferrero, Director of the Moore County Salvation Army office and services was the speaker.  Club members who rang the "bell" during December 2017 raised $1715.02 - an increase from the prior year's collection of $1289.  In 2017, the Moore County Salvation Army sponsored 180 children during the Christmas for Moore campaign.  The Southern Pines office has converted a storage room to a food pantry filled with non-perishable staples.  They have helped 70 families so far this year.  Dana mentioned that a Food Drive collection would be of great help.

Member Shares - Buddy Spong - 01/23/2018
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Our Program Chairperson, Buddy Spong created "Member Shares" and he led by example by doing the 1st Member Shares presentation.  The idea is for willing members to share a small part of his/her life with the club membership.

His share was his experience in meeting and working with Millard Fuller some thirty years ago. Fuller was the founder and spirit of "Habitat for Humanity" which has now provided housing for well over 1.5 million needy people in the US and abroad. Buddy had a chance to spend time with Fuller and come to appreciate the amazing energy, love, and sacrifice he gave to make Habitat one of the greatest non-profit charitable organizations in the world today....

Tai Chi as Prevention Strategy for Falling - 01/09/2018
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One of the biggest health threats facing Americans age 65 and older is also one many of them don't like to talk about: "FALLING".  Indeed, falls are the leading cause of injuries and death from injuries in older Americans, according to the CDC.  There is one prevention strategy that older Americans should consider using and that is Tai Chi!

Kiwanis Club of Seven Lakes had as their guest speaker, Lee Holbrook who is a retired Army Colonel who teaches Tai Chi full time since 1999.  Lee specializes in the health effects of Tai Chi that benefits the practitioners.  He teaches in many locations in the area including 7 Lakes West.  Lee says falls can be reduced...

BRCC Golf Pro visits Kiwanis - 01/02/2018
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He has followed his career path from Portland, Oregon to the Pinehurst area of West End, North Carolina.PGA Professional, Mike Passmore was born to teach and coach the game of golf!  He is passionate about providing golfers of all ages and skill levels with a fun and rewarding learning experience using his Simply Great Golf Approach (SGGA).  Since Mike created this Approach, he became the only PGA Professional to be awarded 3 PGA Teacher of the Year awards in 3 PGA Sections.  

Mike was also ranked by the PGA of America as a Top 6 PGA Teacher in the U.S. as one of the six Finalists for the 2006 National PGA Teacher of the Year award.


Bud Sales receives The Gift of Kiwanis Award - 01/02/2018
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Kiwanis International bestowed Bud Sales (right) with the Silver level distinction of The Gift of Kiwanis Award.  Bud received the recognition by sponsoring +5 new Kiwanis members between 2013 - 2017.  His commitment to sharing Kiwanis with others allows more children to be happy, healthy, safe and loved.  Each new Kiwanis member improves the lives of an average of 206 children as they perform service in their community.  The Kiwanis Club of Seven Lakes is currently recruiting new members.  Please join us at Chapel in the Pines, Seven Lakes, any Tuesday, 11:30 am for lunch, speaker and fellowship.  You will have the opportunity to speak with Bud, as he is our Membership...

Coats for Robbins Elementary - 12/13/2017
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Robbins Elementary received 74 coats through the joint efforts of the Kiwanis Clubs of Seven Lakes and Sand Hills.  The Sand Hills club first approached Seven Lakes with a suggestion that we combine our efforts and each take half.  The outpouring of our memberships generosity was incredible.  Members either donated money toward the purchase of a coat or just purchased the coat.  Many members purchased more than one coat.  The coats where jointly delivered December 13 and the excitement and smiles was very special.  A big thank you to everyone from both clubs that has been involved in this project.

Burney Hardware Co. visits Kiwanis - 12/12/2017
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Our speaker, Sam Ransdell, is the owner/operator of the soon-to-be Seven Lakes "Burney True Value" Hardware (located behind McDonalds in the Seven Lakes Business village.  Sam represents the family that runs iconic Burney Hardware, a fixture in Aberdeen for many years.  Sams' presentation included:  History of Burney Hardware, Why the move to Seven Lakes, Type of merchandise store will include, Affiliation with True Value and True Value Young Entrepreneur of the year award.  Store will include Rental Equipment and Party Rentals plus some lumber.  Their plan is to open the Seven lakes branch in mid January.  Kiwanians told Sam that they are glad he made...